Hexcel America

The Open Organization
1700 7th Avenue, Suite 116, PMB 386
Seattle, WA 98101
Dear Gary:
The recent experience of our senior management team in your Working Relationships seminar was extremely valuable.  We participated in the three-day program to improve our team communications in order to more effectively achieve and sustain targeted financial performance within the context of significant organizational change. 
In the course of three days, we discovered that our “stories” about, and our individual defensive responses to each other’s behaviors, were critical barriers to having the open and honest conversations necessary to identify and resolve our business challenges. We learned and immediately had the opportunity to practice the principles and 12 skills of an open organization.  The immediate shift in our relationships has become the foundation on which we will move forward in managing the success of Hexcel Structures. 
About 1% of the consultants I have talked to have anything to contribute; and of that 1%, this is the best consulting experience we have ever had.  We would not have been able to move the team forward with what has to be done without the journey that TOO has taken us through.
David Tanonis