The Active-Coaching Process

We are proposing an Active-coaching methodology to leverage the principles introduced to teams in the “Leadership from the Inside Out” workshop.

As with all Team Building/Leadership Development programs, the primary challenge to participants attending a workshop like “Leadership from the Inside Out” is their self-discipline to follow through on commitments made to themselves and others.  The Open Organization has developed a particularly effective means of helping workshop participants embrace and integrate the Feedback Process, and “Intention” statements (Mantras) that are crafted by the end of the workshop. These “Intention” statements are very powerful for Leadership Development AND of long term value only IF people discipline themselves to adopt the new behavior(s) required to make their intention a reality. 

In addition, there are three applications of this coaching experience: Organizational, Team, and Individual. Each of these applications has different needs, purposes, and goals. Yet all the applications are intertwined and will be affected by the behavior changes of the individual

It is our genuine belief that effective follow up is required for workshop participants to maximize the value of their learning by demonstrating appropriate/desired behavior change

Therefore, an Active-coaching experience over a minimum period of 6 months is requisite to reinforce the principles and applications.  The coaching process ensures continued learning and development for the individual while building the quality, competency and effectiveness of the group and organization.

Active-coaching characteristics include: