Active Coaching - Customized Leadership and Executive Coaching

Active-coaching builds on and leverages the ICO (Inclusion, Control & Openness) principles introduced to management in the "Leadership from the Inside Out" workshop.
As with all Leadership Development programs, the primary challenge to participants attending a workshop like "Leadership from the Inside Out" is their self-discipline to follow through on commitments made to themselves and others.  The Open Organization has developed a particularly effective means of helping workshop participants embrace and integrate the Feedback Process, and "Intention" statements (Mantras) they craft by the end of the workshop. These "Intention" statements are very powerful for Leadership Development AND of long term value only IF people discipline themselves to adopt the new behavior(s) required to make their intention a reality. 
In addition, there are three applications of "Intentions": Organizational, Team, and Individual. Each of these applications has different needs, aggravations, purposes, and goals. Yet they all need to be "on the same page" IF their goals/intentions are to be met.
It is our genuine belief that effective follow up is required for workshop participants to maximize the value of their learning by demonstrating appropriate/desired behavior change. 
Therefore, a Action-coaching experience over a period of 6 to 12 months (negotiable) is a very effective way to reinforce the ICO principles and applications while learning from each other and supporting one another's commitments to specific behavior changes and measurable goals.  The coaching process ensures continued learning and development for the individual participants while building the quality, competency and effectiveness of the group and organization.
Action-coaching characteristics include:
  •  A monthly 2-hour coaching session with self-selected  leaders who have completed the "Leadership from the Inside Out" workshop. 
  •  Action coaching sessions will be facilitated at mutually agreed upon dates and times with the facilities designated
  • Focus of each session will be on practical understanding and applications of the ICO model, reinforcing individual intention statements and purposeful behavior change with desired measurable results.
  • "Real" leadership effectiveness issues/challenges will be identified and dealt with by the participants.
  • Each session will be a dynamic facilitated learning experience and participants will be expected to come prepared to fully engage in the process.
  • Accountability for individual leadership development objectives is expected of each participant.
  • Appropriate homework assignments will be made based on participant input and coaches resources.  Focused monthly 15 minute coaching phone calls will be available as requested and scheduled by the participants with specific coaches.
  • The Action-Coaching model is a dynamic learning process, not an MBA-type "learning about" conversation on leadership issues/challenges.
  • Formal coaching effectiveness evaluations will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the coaching engagement.
Phase II Considerations
The Open Organization is committed to the long-term success of its people.  Professional development coaching is available for selected leaders independent of this proposal and can be negotiated, as the circumstances require.  It is our firm belief and experience that the quality of leadership in organizations is directly reflected by the performance of the workforce.  We look forward to the prospects of proving the value of our services through targeted interventions with your leaders.