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Gary Eyring
The Open Organization, Inc.
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Subject: Thank You
Gary, it is with the utmost sincerity that I express my heart felt gratitude to and your team for the outstanding experience we all enjoyed.  Taking three days away from the office is hard enough for one but to have our entire team of twelve take three days was almost more than the system could handle. But reflecting on the results, I'm glad that we took the plunge.
Our experiences during the three-day Working Relations Workshop were priceless. With a new organization structure and new duties and responsibilities for each person in the group, I realized that trust, communication and coordination would be crucial elements for our success. And I was not disappointed. Everyone in our group went places that they would never have gone individually had we not been in the workshop setting. Trust…absolute, communication...loud and clear, coordination...we are a team.
Our facilitators were true professionals in every sense of the word. We laid our expectations in front of them and we were not disappointed. Their keen insight, experience and ability to guide people along the path of achieving a higher state of personal awareness was without match.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
We achieved our objectives and continue to experience the delights of the workshop.  I recently began one of our offsites by displaying our bumper stickers.  I could sense the group revisiting their experiences and felt gratified that we had learned a lot on those three short days and it was all still with us.
Michael W. Schoenfeld