LMN Architects

To:  Gary Eyring at The Open Organization
From:  Bruce Donnally, Principal

It is often said that when you are ready to make changes in your life, the right opportunities will appear; you just need to make the effort to seize them.

Last February I was looking for ways to improve my communication with other people here in the office and was unsure how to go about it.  When a close friend told me with animated enthusiasm about his experience in your workshops and how effective they had been for his company, I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Working Relationships course.  It turned out to be a remarkable source of insight, guidance, and inspiration.  Ron Luyet, who is an articulate, witty and compassionate facilitator, lead us through an intense process of self discovery, exploring the fears we harbor and their impact on the spoken, and unspoken, messages we send and receive.

The effect on my business and personal relationships has been profound. I now try to recognize and take responsibility for my own issues, disengaging my inner filters and hearing what people are really saying. In return, I am much clearer about what I say, owning my feelings and not projecting them onto others.  Using the Inclusion, Control, and Openness models, I have been able to improve the individual satisfaction and commitment of team members on projects I manage.  And, I have been able to better understand the dynamics of emerging interpersonal problems and effectively deal with them before they get out of hand.

The Open Organization has opened a fascinating road of self-discovery for me and outfitted me with all the right equipment to maintain the journey.  The quarterly renewals are a welcome chance to get off the highway for a moment and check the map again.  For those seeking a way to improve the depth and fulfillment of their professional and personal relationships, and to understand the potential in expressing who they truly are and the limitations of who they pretend to be, these workshops offer a perfect opportunity.  The first step starts with seizing it.

With appreciation and support, I am.

Bruce Donnally