Performance & Results

The Open Organization Performance Report
Compiled by ProSavvy

Below you'll find your current Performance Report, a tool used by clients to rate your performance on consulting projects. Clients may view this report at any time throughout their selection process. Each time you complete a project this data will be updated to reflect your new evaluations. Please note: all scores have been scrambled to keep your clients' comments confidential. Also, average scores reflect all of your completed appraisals, including ones that are not visible on this page. 
Principal Services:
We facilitate and professionally coach individuals and teams on achieving Corporate Strategic Initiatives through a highly productive and effective People Operating System (POS-itive). We believe that lasting human behavioral change is requisite to Organizational Performance. Our work creates the ability to communicate freely with no barriers. The results are that teams can effectively identify, evaluate, and respond to opportunitites that are not possible without our training.
Comprehensive Performance Ratings: 
The comprehensive score below includes the total number of reviews received for this firm. Note: Some previous clients may not have provided ratings in all performance areas.
Below Expectations  Met Expectations   Exceeded Expectations
          0 - 2                     2 - 4                       4 - 5
Criteria  Average Rating  
Overall Satisfaction
How satisfied the client was overall with the services they received.    4.6   
How proficient the client believes The Open Organization was within the scope of the services delivered.    3.8   
How responsive The Open Organization was in meeting the client's needs and desires.    4.4   
How close the results of the project came to the expectation set by The Open Organization.    4.6   

Cost Performance

How well The Open Organization did in meeting projected costs, taking into account reasonable cost increases caused by unforeseen circumstances.    3.8   
Schedule Performance
How well The Open Organization did in meeting projected schedules, taking into account reasonable extensions caused by unforeseen circumstances.    3.2  
 The most recent scores include the ratings from the most recent clients. 
                           Client 1  Client 2  Client 3  Client 4
Overall Satisfaction:  5.0       5.0         4.0        5.0
Cost:                       3.0        5.0        3.0         5.0
Schedule:                 4.0       3.0         3.0        3.0
Responsiveness:       5.0        5.0         4.0        4.0
Proficiency:              4.0        4.0         4.0        3.0
Results:                   5.0        5.0         4.0         5.0

Comprehensive Performance Ratings:  
Client 1:  Gary and his team are committed to improving levels of trust and communication within teams. They have a proven ability to convey their tools and knowledge to individuals from diverse background. Our business has benefited from the Open Org's training.

Client 2:  I have done a considerable amount of business with The Open Organization and I have never been disappointed. I found them to be very honest, open and quite effective. My folks really enjoyed working with them and they always looked forward to refresher training. I have every intention of calling upon The Open Organization in the future. 
Client 3:  The skills and understanding afforded by the workshop and follow-up have helped our organization be more effective and more capable of handling the rapid pace of change which characterizes business today. 
Client 4:  I believe the most important contribution The Open Organization made to my organization was the breaking down of communication berriers and putting in place tools and abilities that have resulted in team growth in not only communication but the abilities to recognize, evaluate and respont to opportunities we now call this Operational Flexibility.