Leadership from the Inside Out

Building Trust, Openness and Emotional Competencies
In the wake of current events, organizations are seeking a way to provide meaning for the human spirit while striving to produce positive financial results.  They are asking questions...
  1. Do we Trust our people?
  2. Do they Trust us?
  3. How do we know?
  4. How do we encourage collaborative rather than competitive behaviors?
  5. How can we cultivate positive versus destructive emotions?
For almost 20 years, The Open Organization has been the pre-eminent provider of services dealing with Trust, Openness, and Emotional competence.  We provide a transformation-al process based on four decades of research and development in human relationships.  Through this work, you will:
  1. Realize your potential to "show up" at work with more compassion
  2. Lessen  defensiveness and fear
  3. Increase your ability to resolve issues that block successful performance. 
  4. Change behaviors positively that will contribute to the bottom line.
In this highly interactive process you will:
  • Increase self-awareness and decrease defensive behaviors that hinder your ability to interact openly with others in getting work done.
  • Examine how feelings and fears affect your compatibility with others.
  • Discover the power of accountability by increasing buy-in for organizational initiatives.
  • Learn how to receive and give feedback without defensiveness.
  • Learn practical skills to productively engage in and resolve conflicts.
  • Clarify priorities that benefit the team and not just the individuals.
  • Explore how emotional desires and fears affect your ability to achieve your personal and professional goals.
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