Green Diamond Resource Company

Green Diamond Resource Company
214 N. Third St.
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Shelton, Washington 98584


Mr. Gary Eyring
The Open Organization

1700 7th Avenue, Suite 116, PMB 386

Seattle, WA  98101

Dear Gary:
We have been working with you and The Open Organization for nearly five years now.  Our work with you has been in several areas but the most fundamental of these changes has been an overall cultural change from a Command and Control structure to a Collaborative Team approach.  This fundamental change was aimed at providing a more efficient and effective implementation of the changes resulting from our comprehensive planning efforts.  The following are the areas of focus for these changes.

Nearly all the Timberlands team received Leadership From the Inside Out, Leadership 2020 and Project Management training.  Further, we asked The Open Organization to provide facilitation of team meetings and coaching for Managers and Department Heads. 

The results in the area of cultural change are still happening and I hope that never stops.  When asked what the "wins" were from all the efforts to move to a more collaborative team approach the following list of "wins" came from the team.

Over the last two years we have also seen the following operating and financial result as of the end of 2000:

The last 12 months have seen the worst lumber markets in the last 20 years so you can see these changes and the corresponding results clearly illustrate the effectiveness of the training, coaching and skill of The Open Organization working with our Timberlands Team.  The openness that is now a day to day part of our culture is the probably the greatest single factor in this success story and could not have happened without The Open Organization.


Jim Thiemens
NW Timberlands Manager