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Celebrating Life

contributed by Guest Columnist - Robert Siddell - Attorney and Minister

Become part of the answer. See Life in great and small things. Practice self love, and share it with everyone in your world. See the miracle of your own self, your own conscious awareness. Remind people in your world that they have the creative miracle working power within their mind. Remind them that tEach breath, each step, each thought, every sip of water, every bite of food is a supreme gift. We are special beings living in a special world. As we think, so we create. We can learn to bring a child-like wonder to miracles, and as we do this we begin to see them all around us.

The gift of life is so great that we get lost in it. We forget to see the miracles that surround us at this very moment. The proud father carrying his new baby. The telephone repairman that goes out of his way to do a good job for you. The grocery store clerk that wishes you a good day. The sound of music that we enjoy. The smell of fresh coffee, or baking bread.

This life is so rich, so full, that we are like kings, surrounded by a great kingdom. Yet all too often we fail to see these miracles. We allow our attention to be focused on the constant barrage of negative stories. We forget that for every negative story there are a thousand happy stories.

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