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Transparency - The Opportunity for 2009

contributed by Gary Eyring

The Open Organization is a pre-eminent provider of the skills to achieve Trust, Openness, and Transparency. In the past 15 years, we have provided a model and the requisite skills to achieve those objectives.

Fortunately, there is increased awareness of the corrosive nature of hierarchies based on power, top/down directives, and fear. People have lost confidence in many of the institutions that were once deemed reliable. People in positions of authority have, in too many cases, betrayed those who trusted them.

We believe that great Leadership of the future will be based on the values of Transparency, Openness,  and Authenticity. With a concurrent reduction of defensiveness and fear, thetr will be a huge opportunity to successfully create a sustainable future. We suggest that there is much evidence of the break-down of the top-down approach to making decisions.

1. The internet has made it virtually impossible to keep information exclusive to people at the top Blogs, social networking, electronic newsletters, and search engines are increasing the rapidity by which information is shared

2. Communication is instantaneous- from cameras and audio on cell phones, to satellite systems, to instant "breaking news" by the media, issues and events are brought into focus immediately.

3. Communities of people who gather to represent their points of view (social networking) are growing exponentially - the bottom-up approach The video gaming industry is an example of collaborative networking - they know that the youngest and the newest can know things that the oldest and most mature possibly don't know.

4. Our experience with organizations that use our model of human nature (Inclusion, Control, and Openness) and the skill sets of an Open organization are far more productive and profitable than those who don't.

The Portals that develop Transparency - Trust, Openness, and Authenticity are:

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