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Celebrating Life (page 2)

contributed by Guest Columnist - Robert Siddell - Attorney and Minister

Join with me and make your life here in this world a sacred journey. Make every step a step of gratitude. Make every breath a breath of divine union.

Become part of the answer. See Life in great and small things. Practice self love, and share it with everyone in your world. See the miracle of your own self, your own conscious awareness. Remind people in your world that they have the creative miracle working power within their mind. Remind them that they have a power that can fill their cup and cause it overflow with goodness!

Let love pour through your soul to each person you meet. Have fun, and encourage those around you to have fun. If someone wishes you a good day, tell them you will as long as they will. I do this all the time and it inevitably brings a smile or laugh.

Our destinies lie in our own hands. Let us have the courage to create wonderful futures, wonderful new dreams, wonderful answers.

If it is going to be, its up to you and me!