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Creating Preferred Realities

Contributed by Jim Thiemens and Gary Eyring

A preferred reality can be as simple as an individual stating what it is they want, or a state of being they want to change or move to.  It could also be a team, or a system as large as a company or a nation, that is moving to a preferred reality or a preferred state of being.

THE FIRST STEP in the process is to truthfully acknowledge and clearly state what it is we are now being and doing, or what is the “current reality”. Then, with as much truth and clarity as we can, state what we want to become (having) or the "preferred reality ”. This can be the most challenging step of the process and may require some facilitation.

For Example:

THE SECOND STEP is to identify, define and assign the responsibilities necessary to get to the preferred reality.

For example:
THE THIRD STEP, once the responsibilities are identified and assigned - is to define the accountabilities.

The is the process in moving to a new or preferred reality. It may only involve one person (myself), but more than likely requires responsibilities and accountabilities from others in order to reach the preferred reality. This "accountability from others and contribution to others" is the essence of teamwork.

It is important to remember that the entity that is manipulating may be acting this way because of a bad experience where they were behaving “overtly” (in the open) with clarity. Their behavior became suppressed by another or others, leaving the entity’s only avenue of expression, in their reality, to covertly manipulate.

As you move to the preferred reality it then it comes the fulfillment of the cycle: Being, Doing, and Having.