Accountable "I"

"Know Thyself" is an age-old adage that suggests that self-knowlege precedes all other knowledge. My senses - sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch - is the source of all my "knowing". While my DNA brings my primal history to the present moment, without my senses, my knowledge is quite limited.
When "I" is used, not from an ego-centered, arrogant place - but from an awareness that MY feelings, instincts, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs - are all that I can really "know"  - I become humble, not humiliated.
I was taught that using "I" was self-centered and pompous, so I often used "you", as in: "when you don't eat for awhile, you get hungry" Really! How would I know that about you? I would know that about myself, and might infer that about you, but wouldn't it be more accountable to say - "When I go without food for awhile, I get hungry"?
I feel, I think, I believe, I notice, I behave - is far more accountable, even powerful, than "you think, you believe, you notice, you behave"
Try it out! Feel the Power of I.
Gary Eyring