Past Public Speaking and Workshop Subjects

Conflict and Partnership Building
Improving Work Relationships
Health, Illness and Stress
Inner Awareness
Stress Reduction
The Art of Conscious Leadership - Part 1
Conscious Leadership - Mindful or Mindless - Part 2
Conflict Resolution
From Conflict to Collaboration
How to Stay Sane in an Insane World
Making Friends Without Negative and Defense Behaviors
Concordance Decision-Making
Patterns from History - What Men Learn vs. What Women Learn
Exploring the Foundations of Happiness
Two Powerful Tools for Increasing your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
Waking Up and Getting Free - How to Have More Freedom for Personal and
Organizational Growth
Flow - The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Listening - How to Increase Awareness of your Inner Guide
The Power of the Present
Intuition - Another Way of Knowing
Life Balance Goal Setting - Taking Full Control of your Future
Businesses build trust by diligently fighting fear
Building Trust in the Competitive World of Sales
Listening - The Best Known and Least Used Skill in America
Essential HR Leadership Skills for the 21st Century
How to Have a Perfect Summer Vacation
How to Tell the Truth Without Being Fired or Divorced