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Transparency - The Opportunity for 2009

contributed by Gary Eyring

Continue - Transparency-The Opportunity for 2009

Inclusion: the ability to connect with people at a human vs. positional level. To listen, to acknowledge, to validate other's experience. This is the art of being "present" vs. the fear of being ignored. This kind of connection is sincere and authentic, believing that the best in people comes from acknowledging all the people for their contribution.

Control: While this word continues to create a defensive response, yet everyone has a point of view that they justify. The ability to allow, without humiliation, the various points of view that may exist in any community, is the skill that develops respect. Without these two portals of Inclusion and Control being developed, Openness and therefore Trust are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to establish.

Openness: The ability to be authentic, without guile, cleverness or fear of rejection. It is a space where the best ideas, the best approaches, and the most effective and profitable plans can be developed.

It is our opinion that communication is moving rapidly to develop the portals to achieve Trust. Without trust, humans are guarded, even hostile, with each other. The best solutions to real problems are aborted and arguments, violence, hatred, resentment, and distortion become the norm. With Trust - agreements, accountability, healthy points of view and common goals are increasingly developed.

Are you willing to be a Trusted, Open, Authentic, and Transparent Leader?