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Karen Tuff

As Executive Director of The Open Organization Karen has an integrated understanding of all aspects of business development, from systems improvement to relationship development. She is holistic in her approach, knowing that people and processes must be integrated if performance is to be realistic and achievable. She, at various times, has been involved with and directed all areas of The Open Organization including:

  • Translating client needs into effective solutions
  • Development of Trainers and Consultants to effectively deliver the services of the company
  • Staffing and development of people for sales, operations, administration and finance
  • New product conception and implementation
  • Setting up and running daily operations and departments
  • Financial Management
  • Database and information integration

Prior to The Open Organization, Karen was a staff consultant for Management Action Programs (MAP), a firm that focused on developing and implementing a specific management system. It was there she learned the limitation of systems improvement without effective relationships or teams.

She and Gary Eyring co-founded The Open Organization in 1994 with the intention of integrating people and processes and leading to optimum organizational performance. As a result of her leadership, The Open Organization has achieved significant success with its clients in implementing and exceeding their organizational development strategies.

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