Thomas Lafferty                                                                                        

Thomas Lafferty is an executive coach, trainer and facilitator with keen insight into the nature of relationshipsand what it takes to build teamwork and trust between people. His passion for helping people led him to become a professional development trainer and software applications instructor at a technical college where he sharpened his mentoring, teaching and public speaking skills.

During his five years as a professional development instructor, Thomas taught teamwork, using a hands-on, problem based

learning approach and open round table discussions. His leadership developed strong work teams and kept students accountable

to achieving their goals. Because of this, he was often called upon to intervene in other instructors' classes to resolve disputes

between student teams.

He successfully coached hundreds of adults to transition to the next phase of their careers and to make lasting behavioral changes. Thomas is a gifted speaker and motivator, and was frequently awarded by his students for instructional excellence and for his involvement in their lives and decision making processes.

Currently, Thomas is working closely with The Open Organization to further hone his skills as a coach and is pursuing certification through the Coach Training Alliance.

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